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Horse Derbies

All-star Entertainment’s Indoor Horse Racing is a unique, exciting, highly interactive show with lights, sound and a lot of action. Here’s how it works:

Upon entering, your guests will receive a racing program and a voucher for play money to use at the betting windows.

In each race, six horses are moved down the 25 foot track by an attractive female jockey in accordance with the roll of the dice (a different member of the audience rolls for each race). The announcer describes the results of each roll in true track style as the sound of horses’ hooves underscore the entire race. The combination of the announcer’s rapid-fire style and the sound effects creates the illusion and feel of a real race. Horses may be named after people in your group, or with industry-specific terms.

After each race, winners cash in their betting slips at the betting windows and everyone bets on the next race as popular music plays over the state of the art sound system.

At the end of the last race, the guests cash in their winnings in exchange for raffle tickets. A raffle is held and many guests win prizes that are provided by the client. A minimum of 10 prizes and a maximum of 25 are recommended.

This show receives accolades everywhere it goes and many believe it is destined to be “The Next Big Thing” in entertainment. Schedule it for your next event, then sit back and bask in the glow as your guests gush about what a fun-filled evening you provided them. That is, if you can force yourself to sit back while everyone else is having so much fun!

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