If so, then why not join the ranks of the best-of-the-best in entertainment in Georgia by listing your act with All-Star Entertainment, Inc. The details are listed below.

Once accepted, All-Star will place your act in the appropriate category and will use reasonable efforts to obtain suitable employment for your act, and will continue to offer such employment from time to time if our clients respond well to your performance.

All-Star will assume no responsibility for keeping your act fully employed. We are a non-exclusive agency representing our clients and their specific entertainment needs. All-Star will ask that you provide us with a 20 to 25% mark down from your regular pricing, so that we may make a profit by booking & coordinating each event.

If interested, please send the following promotional material to our offices:

  • 3 high quality 8 x 10 glossy pictures of your act.
  • A new & complete songlist if applicable.
  • 3 updated CDs and/or videotapes.
  • A one-page biography of your act.
  • A current list of your referrals and previous venues.
  • A current schedule of future booked dates, so that All-Star can see the act live.

Once All-Star Entertainment, Inc has booked your act, please keep the following in mind:

A Performance Agreement will be asked of you to sign & send back to us promptly. This Agreement will be a legal document securing your act.

All-Star business cards will be provided with your act name to hand out at event. All inquiries that occur during the event will be referred to All-Star Entertainment.

If your act is unable to perform, the full wages agreed upon will be subject to proration or possible forfeiture, based on the details of the cancellation.

Our clients are King and we are offering them the best performance based on their budget, style and event requirements. Therefore, they are to be treated with the utmost respect and consideration of any additional desires while at the event.

Drinking alcoholic beverages before or during the event are strictly prohibited. In addition, if a food allowance is not mentioned on your Agreement, do not eat unless specifically offered by the client.

We highly value our relationships with Georgia’s artists and do our very best to promote the best in every category. With mutual respect to one another, we can have a great time doing what we do best! Feel free to call our offices with any questions or comments.