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3 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Casino-Themed Party

Las Vegas is number one on the list of best vacation getaways for most people. With the glitz and glamor of the casinos, the endless buffets and the excitement of playing, it surely is a must-visit. But for those who want to experience the entertainment without taking a trip there, a casino theme party is the perfect alternative. You can organize a casino night at home for your family and friends, at work or even as a fundraising event. And here are a few tips to ensure that your party comes together without a hitch:

1. Serve a buffet-style menu

Casinos are almost always synonymous with buffet meals. Buffets don’t just give you access to an assortment of food options but they also do away with the hassle of having to adhere to strict dining timings, allowing people to play uninterrupted. Serve food that causes a minimal mess, like sliders, pizzas, hot dogs or chicken skewers.

2. Providing exciting game options

As the host or hostess, you want to make sure that all your guests are able to enjoy the event. This means providing sufficient game options for everyone. For this, you need to consider the number of guests. For instance, if it is a big event with more than 100 people, you need to have at least five different game options like roulette, poker, craps, blackjack and so on.

3. Opt for glamorous decorations

Casino party decorations should be glitzy and glamorous. Make sure the venue has sufficient space for the guests, food setup as well as the games. Use decorations such as giant dice cutouts, giant cards and so on. You can use the lights. There are many companies, such as ours, that can provide you with the right decorations to transform your home or party venue into a dazzling Las Vegas casino.

Need some help? Get in touch with All-Star Entertainment if you want to throw an unforgettable casino-themed party. We can help you with the casino-themed party planning as well as games and decorations, among others.