+ What does the band's fee include?

We try to ensure our band bookings are as all-inclusive as possible. Typically, a band fee includes the following: up to four hours of contracted time from start to finish including performance sets and breaks. all instrumentation and sound/lighting equipment set-up prior to the event and breakdown afterward, as well as travel and lodging expenses. The only other band costs that clients typically incur are for meals and non-alcoholic beverages during the event, any mandatory parking fees, tolls, and any other special requests noted in the band's contract rider. We never charge a sales tax in booking our bands. Most of the time, food and water or soft drinks for the band will be the only additional cost a client is asked to cover. Each band has a rider (included as part of the contract) that outlines specific technical, hospitality and logistical requests. Most of these can be provided by your venue, such as performance area, electrical needs, dressing room and bathroom access, etc. Contract riders are specific to each band, so requests will vary. Unusual setup requests or performance overtime periods will also incur reasonable additional fees for musician and crew time.