+ How long can I expect the band to play?

Wedding and special event bands typically charge one fee for up to a 4-hour "block" of event time (ex. 7pm - 11pm), which includes the band's performance sets and any breaks. Most dance and party bands do not charge on a per-hour basis, the way soloists or smaller musical acts sometimes do. All wedding and special event party bands that bring their own sound equipment can DJ a pre-set playlist on these breaks via iPod or mp3 player that either the band or you can provide. Bands will always attempt to schedule any break around a "natural break" in the event schedule, such as dinner service, speeches or toasts, cake cutting, etc. In most cases, the actual time spent on stage can vary from 3 hours to 3 1/4 hours depending on the schedule and flow of a 4-hr timeline, with typical sets averaging from 45 to 75 mins each (usually 3-4 sets), and breaks averaging 15-25 mins each (2-3 breaks). Every band will always try to adjust their performance set and break schedule to fit the flow of your event. Some bands also offer a three hour continuous music (no breaks) booking option, and most bands can offer overtime options beyond four hours for an additional fee.