+ How far in advance should I book a band?

Weddings and special events planned on Saturdays during the spring and fall seasons often book one year or more in advance. We usually start hearing from clients planning for the most popular Saturday dates well over a year in advance, and the general booking season for bands in the wedding and special event industry is usually 8 to 15 months before a Saturday or holiday weekend event date. Events on days other than Saturdays typically do not book quite as far in advance. We work with many clients who plan events (even weddings) on a shorter timeline (two to six months in advance) and we usually have some great bands to recommend for any date, even last minute. As a general guideline, the most popular and in-demand bands often get booked early and fewer acts are available for events booked closer to the date. So the further in advance you can book, the more options you'll have to consider. Get started early since it’s first come first serve.